New Study Shows That Yoga Eases Back Pain

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Yoga classes were linked to better back-related function and diminished symptoms from chronic low back pain in the largest U.S. randomized controlled trial of yoga to date, published by the Archives of Internal Medicine. Back-related function was better and symptoms were diminished with yoga at 12 weeks; and clinically important benefits, including less use of pain medications, lasted at least six months for both yoga and stretching, with thorough follow-up of more than nine in 10 participants. Meaning that the longer you commit to your yoga practice, the greater the benefits. This is one of the motivations behind our monthly unlimited contracts. If you can commit to showing up for your practice you WILL see results!

As practicing yogis we already knew this, but it is nice to get some double-blind studied proof for those non-believers. So what are you waiting for? Often times beginners are intimidated by the newness of the yoga practice. We have a solution for that! In addition to alignment based yoga classes, Afterglow Yoga also offers a Beginners Yoga Series 3 times per month. You can join per class or come for the monthly yoga series.

Our Wailuku Yoga studio offers classes seven days a week in many modalities including ashtanga yoga, maui hot yoga, kundalini yoga and hath yoga. Each yoga class is designed with the practitioners in mind and can help increase flexibility and improve back-related function. A year from now you will have wished that you started today! xo

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